Strange problem after the implementation of ICE Faces from a project with only JSF2 in netbeans.  XML
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Hello all,
I'm newbie and I found this project because I was looking for a component more flexible of the html combo box but it is another story!
Ok, now I have a big problem before that.
I was developing a project (in a quite mature state) using Netbeans 7, JSF2.0(Mojarra) and JPA2 and it worked quite well.
Now I would implement also the window scope for a bean because it will manage wich page will load in a xhtml.
The structure of my project is this:
3 xhtml pages in web root: index.xhtml, template.xhtml and include.xhtml
all others xhtml pages are stored in a web-inf subfolder called jsf.
In index.xhtml I have some forms like this:
<h:commandLink action="#{logicBean.action('/WEB-INF/jsf/page1.xhtml')}" value="Load page1" />

the logicBean has this code:

@ManagedBean(name = "logicBean")
@CustomScoped(value = "#{window}")

public class LogicBean implements Serializable
String pageIncluded;
///-- setters and getters
public String action(String value)

return "include";

Now, the code worked correctly when the project implemented only "standard JSF2" after I add ICE Faces it don't work anymore!
The strange thing is that if I click on the link the page doesn't load anything!
I'm using ICE Faces 2.0.2 installed from the netbeans' module...
I tried to add this code in my faces-config.xml:


changing the scoped in window and session but in the first trial the page returns an error because it didn't find "window" and with request and session nothing change from the first issue!
Can someone help me?
Thank for your help!

Joined: 21/Dec/2011 07:48:42
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Ok, I discovered an important thing, but firstly I must say that I'm blind and I'm working using a screen reader.
After that a my collegue told me that after the click of one of the link appare this message:

class com.sun.faces.mgbean.ManagedBeanCreationException

from yesterday I changed the libraies included on the project adding only the core of icefaces...
Could someone tell me where is the problem?
Thank you again for your help!
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