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I am trying to use EJB3 with the icefaces but it seems that the way ManagedBeanFactory injects the beans context into the class is not working the same way as it use to works with Woodstock.

In woodstock, I directly write
private SessionFacaceLocal sessionFacade;

and the server injects the context automatically into the variables and i was able to get the reference for the session bean.

But This same thing is not working with the IceFaces, when I tried to get the context of the bean using the the same line, it is not able to get the context and throws NullPointerException.

Can anybody please help me as its and very critical issue for my project porting from woodstock to IceFaces.

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Vineet Garg

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it sounds more likely a configuration problem,
Could you attach a simple project? ie a zip file with all related projects.

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which IDE used. And give the platform information for this. If u use the NB6.5 right click and choose insert code then select the ejb which one u want.
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