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I am a bit lost with icefaces.

In a Woodstock web project (using Netbeans 6.5) we can use textfield components with the visual editor. After we only need to import, in the java file, the import com.sun.webui.jsf.component.TextField; and make a instance to use the function getText(); to get the text inside.

What´s about in ICEFaces? because here we have inputText components, but they are not possible to be imported in the java class.

Can anybody explain me how can i get the text inside?. I couldn´t find a simple Login example using Icefaces.

Thanks indeed.

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<ice:inputText value="#{myBean.text}" ....

where text is a property in MyBean

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ICEfaces InputText is equivalent to WoodStock's TextField.
What do you mean by " they are not possible to be imported in the java class. "?

Do you mean how to get access to component in managedBean? Of course you can do component binding through binding attribute
<ice:inputText binding=
But this is not really recommended as it tightly couples UI with model. Generally we recommend to use value binding as digitBoy mentioned above
<ice:inputText value="#{myBean.text}" ....


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