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I am using ice:panelTabSet and each tab content is a jsp include (I cannot use facelets as our server is not supproting). In one of the include files I have a ice:selectInputDate. Selecting the date submits the page and shows the first tab data on the page. Am I doing some thing wrong?

How can I disable Partial Submit for selectInputDate when clicking on the calender icon? I have set partialSubmit = false for form and also for panalTabSet.


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Hi Venu, I'm sorry I don't have an answer to your question, just adding some concern of my own. I have two selectInputDate components on a form with several other ice components (selectBooleanCheckbox and selectOneMenu). The selectInputDate components are setup as follows:

popupDateFormat="MMM dd, yyyy"

Each time either of the selectInputDate components is set to a date it submits the form. This includes all of the components on the form - none of which are set to partialsubmit including the selectInputDate as shown above. Like I believe you, I wish to submit the entire form when a command button is clicked. And this works i.e., when the command button is clicked the entire form is submitted (the entire form). I could live with that, it does what we need but I don't like or understand the behavior of the selectDateInput.

Changing any of the other components on the form does not cause a submit to fire. Looking at the page source I see the following for one of the selectInputDate components:


I thought I might be able to override this with a tag attribute but no joy.

Were you able to resolve your issue and if so did the solution suggest an answer to by behavior concern?

Thanks much,


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Unfortunately for ice:selectInputDate we cannot disable partial submit. For this very reason we have to use DHTML calendar 1.0 as we do not need advance calendar features.


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did anyone get a solution for partialSubmit="false" not working?

I am using version 1.7

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Sorry to wake zombie, but is it solved now? I'm using Icefaces 2.0.
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