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Hi there,
The usage scenario is a little bit complex, but please follow this through:
1. The controller:
 public class TestController {
 	private String value;
 	public String getValue() {
 		System.out.println("Getting value: [" + value + "]");
 		return value;
 	public void setValue(String value) {
 		System.out.println("Setting value: [" + value + "]");
 		this.value = value;
 	public String submit() {
 		value = "testValue ";
 		return null;

2. The view
 		<h:inputText value="#{testController.value}" />
 		<hr />
 		<ice:commandButton value="Submit" action="#{testController.submit}" />

3. The behavior:
a. submit empty value => the value gets set on the bean to "testValue" and shows on the page (updates happen on icefaces log console)
b. submit again empty value => value get set on the bean to testValue, but doesn't show on the page (no updates come back, according to icefaces log console)

a. submit any non empty value => value gets set on the bean to "testValue" and shows on the page
b. submit an empty value => values gets set on the bean to "testValue" but doesn't show on the page (no updates happen)

replace "testValue" with "testValue" + new Date() ==> it behaves correctly

Conclusion: the problems comes from the fact that in I and II the "testValue" is always the same coupled with the fact that submitted value is empty.

1. testController is extendedRequestScoped
2. If i use a plain jsf project (putting testController in the session scope) everything works normally, which makes me think that the problem comes from computing the diff on the server side.


Eduard Korenschi
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