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I am facing a problem when i have both JSF libraries woodstock and icefaces in the same application, that whenever there is a request or event on the page, the @Postcontruct method is called.

But when i work in project which is developed pure in icefaces lib, then i don't face this problem. In this case, the @PostConstruct method is called only once, and that also at the time of injection of managed bean.

Can somebody please let me know, that if i am working in project which have both lib (woodstock and icefaces), then will the @PostConstruct mehtod would be called once or for each request/event.

Currently, this method is called for request/event when i tried with both libs.

I have compared the web.xml file from both project and that dose not help me.

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It might be related to the appbase.jar and wyswyg-appbase.jar in visual web project (VWP).

It is hard to explanation in a short summary, but delegating ViewHandler and LifecycleListener provides some of services for back beans.

details of methods used in back bean, please reference to

there is jira that in 1.8.0

above all, at application scope, the desired behavior should be handler by application code. ie modify LifecycleListener as required.

LifecycleLisener is enabled in tld inside wyswyg-appbase.jar.
ViewHandlerImpl is enabled in faces-config.xml in wyswyg-appbase.jar.

If you have any suggestion, please comment on the jira.

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