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Hi, in my application i have an add button which adds a new PanelGroup to my application's main content container. This is done in pure Java, eg.
What i want is that this new penelGroup gets an Highlight effect when created/added to give the user an notification of its presence


mainContainer.getChildren().add(new ItemPanel);

Im able to set the effect with this code, in my constructor of ItemPanel

// constructor of ItemPanel

ValueExpression effectBinding = BeanUtil.createValueExpression("#{AddBean.addEffect}", Effect.class);
newItemPanel.setValueExpression("effect", effectBinding);

However the effect only works for the first new item, not when i add more new items.
I've read on the forum that problem can arise when using same effect on several components.
I've tried several small hacks, like remove the effectbinding on non-new components, but with no luck.
I think i need a new approach to get what i want. Any suggestions or other idead?



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Maybe use a panelSeries? Please refer to the component showcase for an example.
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