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I have created an application that has a polar plot on it and quite a few fields that are updated from a server using Ajax push. To do so I have used ChartCreator and JFreeChart. I can get the chart that I want but it flickers when activating the requestRender method for another component - even though the chart has not been updated. The getter for the chart is called every time one of the Ajax components is re-rendered.

Does anyone have a suggestion about how this can be fixed? I have tested using an outputChart component and it doesn't flicker (and its getter method is not similarly called).


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I ran into exactly the same issue... lucky to be able to get the ScatterPlot to work, I realized the AjaxPush Problem...

I first thought, to set the renderOnSubmit="false" value could work... but it looks like it is not if you need to generate multiple charts...

Anyone? What approach could solve this issue? Maybe an Iframe... but if you need to access SessionData that might not work?

(Icefaces doesn't make me productive - I'll try to get along with it in the current project and drop it.)


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Hi mcahornsirup,

Can you send your code, so i will investigate the thing, where the exact cause?

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