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A simple problem this time. ;)

Since I'm unable to get the tree working in a subfolder, I've decided to try the approach in the showcase: Stacked panels.

I've got it to work in a test file. But when I nest it in a panelGrid wich is nested in another grid, it no longer seems to work.

I've attached the sourcecode. I realy hope I can get at least that to work!

BTW: Are all the panels loaded when the page is loaded, or are they only loaded when the panel is made visible?
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I came a bit closer to the solution.

If I replace the commandlinks with a select, it works. So the problem must be with the links.

<ice:selectOneRadio value="#{NavigationBean.selectedPanel}"
<f:selectItem itemValue="BASIC" itemLabel="Home" />
<f:selectItem itemValue="ASSETS" itemLabel="Assets" />
<f:selectItem itemValue="USERS" itemLabel="Users" />

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Regarding your question about whether the info on all panels are loaded at once.. the answer is no, that's one of the great things about ICEfaces, you get incremental view updates on demand. You can see the ui updates to a panel by starting the JavaScript console (cntrl-shift-T) and watching exactly what gets updated when you interact with the panel.

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