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We just put up a beta of our custom component that simulates an iphone style list.

We will put up a demo in a few weeks. meantime the source is available in our svn at www.mooncatventures.com and a war of a little demo is attached here.

There is actually a lot going on in this demo if you study it. including call javascript from a backing bean, icefaces dash code integration and a lot more.


[Thumb - Picture 2.png]
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Joined: 14/Nov/2007 00:00:00
Messages: 449

Now that its not the wee hours of the morning... I posted that last post around 2:00am, I wanted to make a few more comments on both the demo and the components.

The components are encapsulated in the mcv-comps.jar, to include these components in your own application all that is necessary is to include this jar.

Javadoc is coming soon, but you can pick up a lot by looking at the source at (userid and password is test).
you will need to unpack the jar to get the component source, for now I just included it with the class files.

The only interesting property on the Stackcontainer is styleClass , Stackcontainer just creates a UL, not a whole lot you can do with it.

SelectList on the other hand is also a container component, you can include other icefaces and html components here. the component is dash code aware (it loads an empty parts-extras.js file. for which you can substitute you own parts js file. Much of the css in the little demo was just copied straight from dashcode. I usually keep daschcode and eclipse open side by side and cut and paste code. Dashcode is a real nice css editor too.

SelectList does take a few properties, the tld does not have reference to last minute added properties but they are available.

These are all the properties you may be interested in.

styleClass - go crazy with css, dashcode and webkit

label - if hideLabel is false this will be the label iteration generated on the <LI>.

imagePath - the path to a custom activityIndicator image, this is a webkit animation that gets fired upon click of a list item. imagePath is mostly needed because in the SWF implementation of this demo the images are under the web-inf path otherwise they are under webroot.

HideLabel - don't generate a label on the LI , this assumes you are building the li with other icefaces components or dashcode parts.

ActionListener , the component will return the selectedIndex of the list row.

Now lets take a quick look at the backingBean for the demo, there are some intersting techniques.

First notice its not very big.
just one method, the actionListener

public class ArtshowBean {

private List data = new ArrayList();
private List<String> images = new ArrayList<String>();
private ArtShowDAO artShowDAO = new ArtShowDAO();
private int selectedIndex=0;
private String selectedImage;
private String artist;

* @return the artist
public String getArtist() {
return artist;

* @param artist the artist to set
public void setArtist(String artist) {
this.artist = artist;

FacesContext facesContext = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
public void actionListener(ActionEvent e){
SelectList component = (SelectList) e.getSource();

// get the index from the component

selectedIndex = component.getSelectedIndex();
ArtShowItem item = (ArtShowItem) data.get(selectedIndex);

//This is the image for view 2

selectedImage =

System.out.println("Row [" + selectedImage + "]");

//get the artist name

artist = item.getArtist();

// call javacript dashcode method to fip the view.

JavascriptContext.addJavascriptCall(facesContext, "goToView2(event)");


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