have an iphone? are in the dev program? want to try push notification ? read on.  XML
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I created a little icefaces based application that will do both a sessionrender and an apple push notification.

to use this.

1) you need to be in the iphone developer program, and have a valid apns certificate.

2) you need to build the project as described here.

3) you need to place your certificates.p12 file in webroot

4) you need to type your url at least once, this is because I initialize some variables in the backing bean, I am working on a new version that will do all initialization in a servletcontext listener which will eliminate that step, it will also add a spring security login servlet. I hope to have that in a few days. for now

1) launch your app.
2) type the url to go to the first page. you only need to do this once after the appserver starts.

3) code your logic to access the servlet.



Read about the whole project here

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