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I have several inputText component inside a ui:repeat. These inputText has both a validator and a effect. My purpose is that once a validator fails, the (highligth) effect will fire on that inputText.

 <ui:repeat var="currrentObject" ....... >
  <ice:inputText id="input" required="false" effect="#{currentObject.effect}"
                                        <f:validator validatorId="myIntegerValidator"/>
                                          <ice:message style="color: red;" id="inputErr" for="input/>

However, my effect is not fired. I think the problem is that the effect attribute inside inputText is inside a ui:repeat which makes it not resolve.
If i have a static effect (ie. GlobalEffectBean.getEffect), the effect (once validation fails) is fired exactly once on the first inputText and not on the one failing.

Can someone point me in a direction, or suggestions what to check.
Thank you very much!
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