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Yes, this was from an incompatibility between the compat (ice comp) javascript and the mobi javascript. This has been fixed and will be in the next release.




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Thanks Philip,
Just for the info, I did find a workaround though last night. The solution is to remove the ice faces compatibility library from the application server. I am using Netbeans so I just removed the library from those listed in the IDE.

I think Netbeans removed all the related ICEFACES libraries and left only those ICEMOBILE libraries. To avoid the problem I need use just the ACE and Mobile components (as far as I understand the issue) but that is fine... I haven't added the ACE components yet, lets see how theta goes...

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Hello all,
Sorry to post the next question so soon after the last but I have a strange problem with the dataView but I have only a problem with the component in safari iPhone, iPad or Labtop. (Displays fine in Firefox, Chrome and in Android simulator).

The problems is with the headers again. I have used the dataView component in two of the TabSet items I use. The first (default) Tabset displays the DataView as expected but the second tab contains two headers. I have removed all the compatibility libraries and no icefaces or ace components are used. I have included the javascript error that is thrown below:


Line 1335 component.js TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'sheet.insertRule') in function initTableAlignment see extract below:

for (var i = 0; i < frbcWidths.length; i++) {
line 1335 if ( sheet.insertRule ){

Any suggested ways around this javascript error?
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