icefaces is not fully ajax enable. It is just component ajax enable.  XML
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jimmy6 wrote:
Which means the partial page refresh is because of the facelets ui:include and not panel stack right? 

Well, under Facelets, the right side of the component-showcase is defined by icefaces\samples\component-showcase\web\showcase-facelet.jspx, which uses icefaces\samples\component-showcase\web\inc\mainTemplate.jspx, which uses icefaces\samples\component-showcase\web\inc\content-facelet.jspx, which employs a dynamic ui:include.

Under the JSP version of component-showcase, the right side is defined by icefaces\samples\component-showcase\web\showcase.jspx, which employs the panelStack of static jsp:includes.

Either way allows for our AJAX mechanism to focus on only updating the contents of the right side of the application, instead of the whole page.

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mark.collette wrote:
With the dynamic ui:include, the whole page should not update. If you look at the Facelets build of the component-showcase, all the content on the right is from a dynamic ui:include, while the tree on the left is not re-downloading.


You're talking about this article, right?
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