still the bug "ICEfaces requires the PersistentFacesServlet."  XML
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Even in the new version the know bug is „available“. When you create a new page with icefaces in an existing Woodstock project and want to run this page you still get the bug

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: ICEfaces requires the PersistentFacesServlet. Please check your web.xml servlet mappings

This is really annoying because the bug is known a long time.

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Have a look at my recent post "Icefaces and Facelets".
Originally there is a classcastexception that would be mapped to an IllegalStateException

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Hi guys, is this bug already fixed? because I'm trying to migrate from woodstock to icefaces but it's not working.
When I include an "H" tag I get that error (ICEfaces requires PersistentFacesServlet).

A curious thing is that I don't have any problem when including this tag:
<h:outputText id="outputText1" value="value"/>

I got that error when include these tags:

I would appreciate any help!

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