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Hi everyone,

I`m trying to deploy my first MyFaces+IceFaces+Facelets webapp and then I noted the WARNING below during tomcat startup:
"WARNING: Push Server not found - the Push Server must be deployed to support multiple asynchronous applications."

After a few minutes researching at the forum, documentation and google I found, in brief words, that without deploy push-server app I can`t have more then one IceFaces app at same time like was suggested by the WARNING above.

To avoid future changes at my environment it`s better if I have push-server deployed at my container, so I tried to build the push-server.war as follow:
1 - went to the build.xml folder
cd /home/u9016/Libraries/IceFaces-1.8.2-src/icefaces/push-server

2- run ant command
ant -buildfile build.xml

/home/u9016/Libraries/IceFaces-1.8.2-src/icefaces/push-server/build.xml:33: Compile failed; see the compiler error output for details.

How to see this "compiler error output"? Do I need to execute ant with another argument?

Attached follows my build.xml file used to build the push-server.war. Could anyone check if the file is correctly?
Note: I got this file at ICEfaces-1.8.2-src.zip which I just download from IceFaces homepage.

I would be really glad if some one send me the push-server.war, my mail is caio.formiga at gmail.com

Best Regards.
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The push-server.war file is directly included within the BIN(ary) download of you iceFaces release.

Check out here:

It is extremely easy ti integrate: Just deploy it together with your other ICEfaces applications. Thats it!


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I downloaded the BIN like you said and deploy it without problem.

No WARNING any more :)

Thank you pandoo.
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