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We are having a problem with the current behaviour of the page being fully refreshed when adding a new portlet.
We have several portlets on screen, which the user can add and remove. Some of them are iframe portlets, so if the user adds an icefaces portlet after already doing some stuff in the iframe portlet, the page is being refreshed, and the user looses all his/her previous data in the iframe portlet since it is also being refreshed.
If there is a way to load ice-faces portlets to the screen without refreshing the whole page please let us know.


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You have a small problem here. I hope I didn't get it wrong, but:
1. You need some js code in the window.onload to be executed in order for the Ajax bridge to function.
2. You can't have 1 if you don't reload the page ;)

Considering these, I think in general adding / removing portlets should be an administrative thing, you don't do it all the time and when you do it, you definitely don't mind lose some fields you entered in a form. If adding/removing portlets is something users do all the time, maybe it could make more sense to change that instead.

PS. Taking into account the number of posts you have, I would guess you're new to icefaces development. In case I'm right, keep in mind that while the ajax model icefaces employed has some advantages (submits are a lot faster, ajax, partial submits, etc), you will faces some challenges you might not know by now: all post submits don't have access the the portal objects (unless you save them), inter-portlet communication is kinda difficult to do, command buttons and links don't do full page portal submits, etc. This is not bad in itself, but you have to work your way around these. Please check PortletFaces too, a project which helps with some of these problems, but only on Liferay.

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