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I'm pretty new to svn and being a contributor, but is there something I need to know beyond the URL to use when importing the ICEFaces source into my local repository? I have a local repository created, and this command results in a "cannot connect" error:

svn import project http://anonsvn.icefaces.org/repo -m "Initial import"
svn: OPTIONS of 'http://anonsvn.icefaces.org/repo': could not connect to server (http://anonsvn.icefaces.org)

I don't have any proxy to worry about. Is there some other URL to use?



Shawn Bertrand, Principal Software Developer
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You don't want to use 'import' here. The "svn import" command is for starting a project and attempts to load files from your filesystem into our repository. Since our external, anonymous repository is read-only, you can't do that ;-)

You want to use "svn checkout" or "svn export" to get files from our repository into your filesystem:

svn checkout http://anonsvn.icefaces.org/repo project

You might want to consider a more specific URL (http://anonsvn.icefaces.org/repo/icefaces2/trunk) or you'll be downloading quite a bit of data.

Deryk Sinotte
Team Lead
ICEsoft Technologies, Inc.
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