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Hi there!

We found a memory leak issue using ICEfaces 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 that arises if icepush is deployed, synchronousUpdate=false, but our app doesn't use ICEpush features at all.
The pushIDMap in org.icepush.LocalPushGroupManager grows and grows and doesn't seem to get evicted, I had a look at the source code, it has some expiration for the push ids that doesn't seem to take effect in our case.

After some load on our app, and analyzing the heap with Eclipse MAT, we discovered one instance of above class holding ~24M and constantly growing, causing a OOM after some time of continuous load.
A also had a look at the log messages, it seems like every single click in our webapp creates a new pushID.

For our webapp, this is not a big issue, since we don't use ICEpush features, we simply don't deploy it anymore, and use synchronousUpdate=true.

So the question is, is it basically wrong to deploy icepush.jar when it's not needed? We didn't observe this behaviour in ICEfaces 2.0.0RC and 2.0.0-final.

Thanks for your help

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The issue you found is now tracked by http://jira.icefaces.org/browse/PUSH-137 JIRA case.
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