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The following behavior can be observed when using the row edit / cell edit functionality:

1. row 1 is set to edit mode
2. changes are made in row 1
3. editing row 1 is cancelled using the row editor cancel button => row 1 is displayed with the old, unchanged values
4. row 2 is set to edit mode
5. submit button for row 2 is clicked

=> (cancelled) changes for row 1 are applied.

I don't think that this is the intended behavior.

Furthermore, i would like to be able to react on a row edit cancellation in my controller, but I can only find the rowEditListener, which does not retrieve any events on cancellation. Do you have any hint?

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Thanks for your input!

I've already implemented a fix for the bugged behaviour you've discovered, coming in our next release.

In the current release, row cancellation doesn't visit the server, so there is no possibility of row edit cancel server eventing. However with the fix for the behaviour above, the cancel will now visit the server and an event for this case will be made available.

Please don't hesitate to report any other issues you may come upon.
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