Backing bean is not updated with new values on click of ice:commandButton  XML
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I am using ice:commandButton, when I click on command button action method is called and inside the method I am not seeing values updated in the backing bean, its giving old value.

<ice:commandButton id="datiSubmit" styleClass="textBtnGreen" value="#{topUpShopperSupportBean.confirmationLabel}" onclick="validateShopperForm(form,this,event); return false;" actionListener="#{topupCockpitController.actionlListener}"
<f:attribute name="ActionName" value="confirmDashboardShopperDetails"/>


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What version of ICEfaces and what server are you running with?

Can you provide a copy of the rendered markup that the ice:command button generates to the browser? You might be overriding ICEfaces' onclick value with your own and thus preventing it from doing it's automatic Ajax correctly.

Deryk Sinotte
Team Lead
ICEsoft Technologies, Inc.
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