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What am I missing?

The 3.x RC2 release notes says Tomcat 6 for an application server.

I believe the latest version of Tomcat 6 uses the 2.6 Servlet API.

The 3.x RC2 release notes says to use Mojarra JSF 2.1.4 due to serious issues in previous versions.

If you look up Mojara JSF 2.1.4 it says it Requires 3.0 Servlet API.

How does one get Icefaces 3.x RC2 using Mojarra JSF 2.1.4 to run correctly on Tomcat 6?


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You can either use Mojarra JSF 2.1.3 on Tomcat 6 (which doesn't have a hard dependency on Servlet 3), or you can use MyFaces JSF 2.1.6 (also included in the ICEfaces 3.0 bundle).

EDIT: Also, you'll want to upgrade to ICEfaces 3.0.0 final release.


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