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first of all, I'm german so if something sounds a bit weird / is expressed strangely, please forgive me. Additionally I'm relativly new to Java in general, but I don't think that's a problem for me.

I have the task to find out how my company can realize it's products (Catalog software) with Portals and Portlets. The difficult part is we often need AJAX Pushs to refresh a portlet from another portlet AND share the data (imagine a navigation portlet [no standard navigation] and after you click the "main" portlet is refreshed).
My first try was doing this through Events, but it seems the Events aren't processed when you do a full page refresh (or i was to dumb to figure it out). Furthermore we want to avoid a full page refresh.
Next I tried ICEFaces and I have a working example (the Chatroom thing) where you can enter text, press submit and the text appears. However a second portlet is NOT refreshed. So that solution is not really working either (and I couldn't figure out how to refresh the second portlet).

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could point me to a guide / turorial / whatever that is about using ICEFaces (or another Portlet technology, I don't care) to share data and parially refresh portlets.

I couldn't find any tutorials about said topic. Sorry if I missed anything.

Thanks in advance.
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