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Hey it's me again,
this time with a problem that is somewhat difficult to explain.
I use the liferay community portal and have three portlets set up that should be able to communicate with each other. These portlets are in different .war files so they can't simply be in the same push group and update one another that way, that's why I wrote an "ApllicationManager" where every portlet registers itself and can send update requests to.
The "ApplicationManager" then goes ahead and tells every registered portlet to re-render itself, but this does not work all the time.

I currently have two types of "events" that can occur, either an event fired by one portlet (portlet A) to update another portlet (ortlet B). So in A the keyword "xyz" is set, the event is fired through the application Manager and the manager tells B "Hey look something happened". In this case most of the time everything is fine and portlet B gets updated correctly.
The other type of event is fired in portlet B and should update both other portlets (A and C) with a new timestamp (for testing). This however does not work most of the time.

Sometimes, but very rarely, the cases are swapped so the "keyword-update-event" does NOT work and the "timestamp-update-event" DOES work.

This is a serious problem for us at the moment 'cause we want to have many events between our portlets. If someone could point me into any helpful direction it would be great.

An additional note: I am forced to use the PortableRenderer for the updates, because the normal PushRenderer fails with an error. Thats no biggie, but maybe this has something to do with the problem.

I will attach my example files in a minute, just need to clean up the code.

I just saw I can only upload to files ... well I uploaded one portlet and the ApplicationManager. The ApplicationManagers whole package de.incony.global.* is exported out of a eclipse as a .jar file and stored in my liferay-portal/tomcat-VERSION/lib folder.
The portlet (every portlet is it's own project/.war-file!) is deployed through the liferay IDE.
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