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I just saw the news release and a few articles (and Oracle's website) on Oracle ADF Mobile. It's quite an interesting solution. Unfortunately, its main drawbacks are that it seems to only work with Oracle WebLogic and Fusion, making it unavailable for people like me who don't have the money to purchase an Oracle WebLogic license.

However, Oracle states that apps developed using ADF Mobile should be able to pass muster in the Apple app store - which is one of the big negatives with ICEmobile.

Could anyone on the ICEmobile team comment on the differences and similarities between ICEmobile and Oracle ADF Mobile?

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ADF mobile applications make use of both an embedded JVM and PhoneGap, so an online ADF mobile application that makes use of server-side JSF is very unlikely to be accepted. If the application is self contained and does not download arbitrary scripts or HTML pages, then it would not violate app store guidelines.

Similarly, it should be possible to create a standalone ICEmobile application that would pass review. It would be necessary to develop this application
in pure HTML and cache the HTML within the App.

The step to include the JVM is interesting: previously scripting languages other than WebKit JavaScript were prohibited, so this introduces the possibility of an ICEmobile application with JSP or ICEFaces running within a local JVM.
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