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i am very new to icefaces.
i want to upload a file using <ice:inputFile>
i want in two ways.
1) click on browse button and select a file.
2) in the text field i want to enter a url(example: http://someexample/image.jpg) and when i click on browse button that should upload the image taken from that url.

please help me to find out the solution.

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I recommend reviewing the Component Showcase demo for "File Upload" to see how this is done.

I also recommend using ICEfaces 3.2 if possible, and the ace:fileEntry component.


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Joined: 29/Jun/2012 00:40:58
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hi, i went through the link "http://component-showcase.icesoft.org/component-showcase/showcase.iface"
i went through the concept of file uploading. i am not abel to solve this.Please let me know any solution to upload a file entered in a text box.

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It sounds like what you want is to be able to upload a file from the client to the server or alternatively send the String url to the server so that it may then download the file itself from the remote location. In that sense, from the server's perspective, it would both be capable of having files uploaded to it, and downloading files as well. There is no existing capability in ice:inputFile or ace:fileEntry to accomplish that duality, but with some application code it should be possible to accomplish this. Just create another inputText to take the url, and a selectBooleanCheckbox to select between the fileEntry and the inputText. I recommend using a worker thread to do the file download from the other website, and using server push to update your page with the status of that download.
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