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I have been look for an answer to this everywhere but I just can't find it. The problem is after the user edit the row in a datatable if a problem occur in the application business logic, we can add a FacesMessage to the FacesContext but we can't seem to be able to keep the row in an edit state.

We have a page that allow editing timeslots in a datatable. There is a server side validation that happens in the rowEditListener. If we add a message to the FacesContext the message is displayed but we can't keep the row in edit state for the user to correct the error.

This seems to be a pretty easy thing to do but for some reason I can't find a solution for it.

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This is the jboss seam forum pages, you need to post this in the component forum if this is a non-seam component problem. Also, you need to quote your version and which set of components (ice? ace?). some markup of your problem would also help.
if the problem exists with Seam, then please specify which seam version as well as your markup here.
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