ace:fileEntry does not work with ICEfaces 3.2 EE in internet explorer 10  XML
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Hello team. My configuration is:
- ICEfaces 3.2 EE
- Tomcat 7

Our problem is that the ace:fileEntry component doesn't work with Internet Explorer 10.

In the issue http://jira.icesoft.org/browse/ICE-9086 i read that the incident is fixed in ICEfaces 3.3 community. I try with this version and it works well, but with this version i lose functionality that i need.

Please, could you tell me if there is available any patch for this incident in ICEfaces 3.2 EE and how could i get it? Most of our clients are opening claims about this, so the level of urgency and impact are high.


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Since the fix is in the recent 3.3 community version, it will be available in the upcoming 3.3 EE release as well. We are currently working on this release and it should be available sometime this month (June 2013).

If you are a supported customer using EE, I recommend contacting Product Support directly. You can discuss the situation and the options you have available for your current installation (e.g. whether it's feasible to patch your 3.2 EE installation).

Deryk Sinotte
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ICEsoft Technologies, Inc.

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There is no patch available for this at the moment. We do offer Emergency Patch assistance with our Professional and Premium EE Support Subscriptions: http://www.icesoft.org/java/support/icefaces-application-subscriptions.jsf

The ICEfaces EE 3.3.0 release is currently scheduled for the end of June so a fix will be available for this issue in that release.

As mentioned in the JIRA if you use a compatibility mode in IE10 the component should work. I believe there is also a meta tag that can be placed in the head section of the page so that IE will load the compatibility mode by default.


Arran McCullough
Technical Support Engineer
ICEsoft Technologies Inc.

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Thank you Arran. The tip work for us.
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