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I'm using a 3 near identical pages, using a NavigationController to switch between views with a dynamic include.

If I switch between page 1 and 3, and 3 to 1, everything goes fine, but page 2 gives errors on update... (I'll append the error at the end)...

Weird, all pages are nearly identical, the only specific thing I'm using in page 2 are composite-components...

Here you have the error (only in javascript, because server-side gives no problem at all)..

The 2nd page works fine If I call it for first time on her own, even then calling an empty page, and calling 2nd again, works great... I'll attach my page also, maybe someone can help me.



[window] Error [status: malformedXML code: 200]: Cannot call method 'appendChild' of null bridge.uncompressed.js.jsf?ln=ice.core&v=3_3_0_130419:1336
ConsoleLogHandler.errorPrimitive bridge.uncompressed.js.jsf?ln=ice.core&v=3_3_0_130419:1336
(anonymous function) bridge.uncompressed.js.jsf?ln=ice.core&v=3_3_0_130419:294
(anonymous function) bridge.uncompressed.js.jsf?ln=ice.core&v=3_3_0_130419:1376
(anonymous function) bridge.uncompressed.js.jsf?ln=ice.core&v=3_3_0_130419:294
(anonymous function) bridge.uncompressed.js.jsf?ln=ice.core&v=3_3_0_130419:1294
(anonymous function) bridge.uncompressed.js.jsf?ln=ice.core&v=3_3_0_130419:294
(anonymous function) bridge.uncompressed.js.jsf?ln=ice.core&v=3_3_0_130419:2046
sendError jsf.js.jsf?ln=javax.faces&stage=Development&v=3_3_0_130419:1580
response jsf.js.jsf?ln=javax.faces&stage=Development&v=3_3_0_130419:2261
onComplete jsf.js.jsf?ln=javax.faces&stage=Development&v=3_3_0_130419:1408
AjaxEngine.req.xmlReq.onreadystatechange jsf.js.jsf?ln=javax.faces&stage=Development&v=3_3_0_130419:1389
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Any news regarding this error?

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Have you setup your mandatoryResourceConfiguration for all of your ace components? If not, add the context-param in your web.xml with the value of 'all' to check that your issue isn't due a missing javascript resource.




Joined: 15/Oct/2006 00:00:00
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Sorry, already solved, the page had an 'non printable char' in the xhtml, not in user data , and this brokes the JS Bridge... have seen some other errors like this one placing DIV elements where they don't belong.

To be honest, I feel a little bit 'fragile' the composite-component usage... still a lot powerful...
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