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I am facing a issue with `iceface 3.3` when `session timeout`:

[1] session timeout
[2] user do a activity.
[3] error in firebug - empty respose from server
[4] UI hangs forever
[5] user hit F5
[6] redirect to login page
[7] user input credential
[8] redirect to a xml error page

      class org.icefaces.application.SessionExpiredException
      <![CDATA[ Session has expired ]]>
      <extension aceCallbackParam="validationFailed">{"validationFailed":false}</extension>

[9] user hit refresh ..user redirect to a normal application

This use to work fine in `1.8`... i am now trying it with `3.3`
During debugging i figured out one major difference between 1.8 and 3.3

in `1.8` when session timeout and user do a activity the response to this request is of the form:

    response.status = 200 
     response.reponseXML = <sessionTimeOut><sessionTimeOut/> 

where as in `3.3` when session timeout and user do a activity the response is:

    reponse.status = 302 with response.header.location = login page 
     since status is 302 browser itself make a request for login page. 

To `icefaces javascript code` the response that it got looks like

     response.reponseHTML=<HTML CODE OF LOGIN PAGE> 

and in `jsf.js` the response handler just logs a error if `reponseXML` is null.

So thats why icefaces does not redirect or show popup.

Now does anybody having a fix or a work around for this ?

I am using `icefaces 3.3, glassfish 3.1, spring 3.0.1`
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