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Greetings everyone!
I am new to ICEmobile (actually, to the whole ICEfaces world) so my questions might look foolish. But i really want to get deeper into it and i hope you're gonna give me some orientations.
So, what tools do you suggest me to use for building my apps? I see Eclipse and NetBeans both support ICEfaces, but i'm looking for something to help me work with a declarative/comprehensive approach. For example on NetBeans 6.7, you could use it's designer and bind JPA entities with UI components. But this feature is no longer implemented on later versions (the desinger).
So, is there any avaiable plugin, in NetBeans or Eclipse, to help me expose entities as ICEmobile components?
I am just trying to get started with a fourth gear, so tutorial, documentation, suggestion is appreciated.
Thank you in advance

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There are no specific plugin features to bind entities with ICEmobile or ICEfaces components, but I don't think they're really necessary. You can find plugins for both Eclipse and NetBeans that support integration with JPA and EJB3. And the ICEfaces and ICEmobile plugins support component and attribute binding. Since ICEfaces and ICEmobile are both based on standard JSF, after that it's really just a matter of injecting the entity manager into a bean, querying your entities in a property, and binding the property to a UI component.

The last 10 minutes or so of this webinar goes into creating a data-driven ICEfaces app with JPA:


I've attached the sample app.

Hope this helps.

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Joined: 23/May/2014 04:43:50
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Thank you for the quick response. Actually i've already made my way up on running some simple applications, but the webinar looks quite useful as well. I'll take a look at you sample now.
Thanks again,
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