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For ace:checkboxButton there is a bug for the check status.
The code is below

<ace:dialog id="dialog" header="A sample dialog overview example" widgetVar="sampleDialog" closable="true"
modal="false" draggable="true" showEffect="clip" hideEffect="fade" width="400" visible="#{backing.showed}">
<ace:ajax event="close" execute="@form" render="@form" listener="#{backing.closeDialog}" immediate="true"/>
<ace:checkboxButton id="checkBox2" value="#{backing.selected}" immediate="true">
<ace:ajax execute="@this"/>
<ace:pushButton id="cancel" value="cancel" immediate="true" actionListener="#{backing.closeDialog}" style="display:inline"/>

<ace:checkboxButton id="checkBox" value="#{backing.selected}">
<ace:ajax execute="@this" event="activate" render="@form"/>
</ace:checkboxButton> <br/>
<br/> The checkbox is:
<h:outputText id="valueDescription" value="#{backing.selected}" style="font-weight: bold;"/>
<ace:pushButton id="show" value="Show Dialog" actionListener="#{backing.show}"/>


the java file
@ManagedBean(name = "backing")
public class Backing {
private Boolean selected;
private Boolean showed;

public Backing() {
this.selected = false;
public void show(ActionEvent event) {
this.showed = true;
public void closeDialog(ActionEvent event) {
this.selected= false;
this.showed =false;
public void closeDialog(AjaxBehaviorEvent event){
this.selected= false;
this.showed = false;
public Boolean getSelected() {
return selected;
public void setSelected(Boolean selected) {
this.selected = selected;
public Boolean getShowed() {
return showed;
public void setShowed(Boolean showed) {
this.showed = showed;

My operation steps are:
1. click show dialog button
2. click checkboxbutton and click cancel
3. the h:outputText shows false and click the show dialog button again
4. the prolem comes, the checkboxbutton is shown with the checked status.

When using data binding or same form, the problem can be solved.

Thank you
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