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we're facing a problem where after 5 minutes of inactivity on the application, the next click displays the network connection interrupted error popup.
Upon a refresh, everything works fine.
We are using icefaces 3.3 with the 1.8.2 compatibility components.
Push server is not deployed and we are using synchronous update=false in our web.xml.
The application server is Widlfly 8.1 with JDK 1.8

How can this happen? Do the icefaces components keep open HTTP connections even when the page is completely loaded?
It doesn't seem so checking with CPorts and Firebug.


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Do you have the icepush.jar file deployed with your application? If so, removing this jar will eliminate any chance of an asynchronous push connection from being established.

None of the components will keep and HTTP connection open. Only ICEpush will do this if it is required.


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As I already wrote no, no push server is deployed.
The icefaces jars we use are:

10/06/2016 09:54 4.176.648 icefaces-ace.jar
10/06/2016 09:54 2.695.152 icefaces-compat.jar
10/06/2016 09:54 3.708.763 icefaces-mobi.jar
10/06/2016 09:54 586.143 icefaces.jar

any suggestion? thanks

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Nevermind, it looks like it was a weird interaction between firefox and avast antivirus under SSL

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My computer does this regardles of which browser i am using. Today i started using my phone as a wifi hotspot and the problem stopped. So what can i do in order to fix it? I dont want to always have to use my phone but its strange how using my phone as a hotspot fixed it when none of the other solutions have seemed to help.


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reading this post makes me wonder if the fix for asynchronous update has been included in the 1.6.2 or 1.8 version. Were having trouble with our application since we would like to use the server push technology, its just that our page encounters network interruption and blanking of our page when we have multiple users access our systems.

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Generally speaking, if you are seeing sporadic NCI popups when using push/asynchronous mode it is due to something in the network infrastructure that is either killing the push connections prematurely or possibly stripping out required header parameters.

You might try adjusting some of the ICEpush configuration parameters to see if it helps.

For example:

org.icepush.networkErrorRetryTimeouts - (since 4.1, EE 3.3.0.GA_P04) A space separated list of integer heartbeat timeout multiplication factors. A network error is detected when the bridge does not receive a response in the amount of time resulted from multiplying the first factor in the list with the current heartbeat timeout. Once a network error is detected new connection is initiated, if again no response is received the second multiplying factor is used and so on. Once the end of the list is reached the bridge will give up trying to establish the connection, and an Network Connection Interrupted (NCI) message will be displayed (unless disabled). The default value is 1 1 1 2 2 3.

See: http://www.icesoft.org/wiki/display/PUSH/ICEpush+Configuration+Parameters for the complete list.

I would also strongly recommend using the ICEfaces EE 3.3 release to ensure you have the latest fixes, etc. if you are still on the 3.3.0 open source release.


Ken Fyten
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