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Hi Forum

I've recently been working with Icefaces 4.1.1 and TomEE 7.0.2, and I'm experiencing the following error 11 times during statup.

08-Dec-2016 08:17:11.566 SEVERE [localhost-startStop-1] org.apache.openejb.config.AnnotationDeployer$ProcessAnnotatedBeans.deploy Unable to load tag library tag class:

The error disappears if I remove the Icefaces dependency. I've tried downgrading Icefaces to 3.2.0, which reduces the number of occurrences I see the error, but it doesn't make it go away.

It's quite easy to replicate the error. Just create a Maven web project in Netbeans 8.1 and add icefaces-ace 4.1.1 to the pom. Deploy the result to TomEE plume 7.0.2. The server is running the default version 2.2.12 of Mojarra.

The web application does seem to be working, but I'm asking anyway, as the log-statement is marked as SEVERE.

Any ideas what is going on, and if it can be fixed somehow?

Kind Regards

Kind regards
Kenneth Vindum

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Hi Kenneth,

This isn't reproducible on any of our currently supported servers. We haven't certified the TomEE server so it looks like it is specific to this server. Is there any change if you use the following context param:


We can look into supporting this app server through our ICEtime services if required: http://www.icesoft.org/java/services/ice-time.jsf


Arran McCullough
Technical Support Engineer
ICEsoft Technologies Inc.
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