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We have an application using ice faces. It has thousands of users every day (1500 simultaneous session during mid day).

It works normal and just fine for several days, but once a week or something like that, the application is going down with OutOfMemory errors in logs. We don't see anything else strange in the logs.

When analysing the heap dump most of the memory is used for HashMaps related to ice faces servlets (See screenshot). This is the only help I can get. We haven't seen anything else in the logs that can help is in the correct direction.

Anyone recognising this when looking into the heap dump? Anyone having any clue that can help us into the right direction?
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Can you provide us with some extra details such as what version of ICEfaces you are using and the environment (server, clustered, etc)?


Arran McCullough
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Of course. Forgot that.

We are running icefaces 1.8.2 in WebSphere application server 6.0. Two nodes. It's always just one of the nodes that gets the OutOfMemory error. We are running ice faces in synchronous mode.

Let me know if you need any more information.
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