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I am using IceFaces 4.1.

I have a page which is using icecore:defaultAction to perform a search when the user presses Enter. For example:

 <icecore:defaultAction action="#{recordsSearchController.performSearch}" key="Enter"/>

I also have an ace:autoCompleteEntry on the same page.

The problem I have occurs when the user is navigating the autoCompleteEntry's list and selects one with Enter. The item is not being selected, and the search is being performed. The behavior I want is to select the item and not perform the search.

In my debugging of the problem, neither the onKeyDown nor onKeyPress code for the autoCompleteEntry is being called. It looks like it is directly calling the default action.

Is this the designed behavior? It seems like the default action should only occur if something else hasn't handled the Enter key.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


- Chris


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Hi Chris,

It seems like icecore:defaultAction is just taking precedence over the keydown and keypress events.

I created this JIRA to track this issue:


Meanwhile, I would recommend having the ace:autoCompleteEntry component in a separate form that doesn't have and icecore:defaultAction tag. Just use ace:ajax with execute="@all" and have it perform a listener similar to your performSearch listener.


Art Zambrano
ICEsoft Technologies Inc.

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Hey,check out this topic:
May help.There were a couple of useful things on the topic "autoCompleteEntry"
All the best.

Regards Bitochen.
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