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I am using ace:chart from icefaces 3.3. When I create Stacked Bar Charts the component automatically sets the max value of the chart to some value higher than the maximum stacked bar values that I have. For example my stacked bars range from 0 to 100 (in total) so I want to set the max value for my chart to 100. But when I have a stacked bar that is close to or equals 100, it sets the max value of the chart to say 125 or 150. And likewise if the value of my Stacked Bar charts are low than it sets the max value to something less than 100. Is there any way I can force the min and max values of the Stacked Bar Charts to what I want them to always be? If goto http://icefaces-showcase.icesoft.org/showcase.jsf?grp=ace:chart&exp=Bar and check the StackSeries checkbox you'll see that the max value of the chart is a value higher than the value of the largest stacked bar. If I know what the max value a stacked bar can be, I'd like to force the chart to always reflect that value.
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