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I was trying the drag and drop example and stumble over a problem:

If I remove the "dragging" from the dragMask, the example doe's not work (under firefox and the explorer). You can start the server and then call the drag example in the browser. Then try to reload the site and the drag-panel is hidden in the window and you have no more the drag panel.

But how can I get the dragging event without this problem? If I write, in my own bean, the drag-listener and get the dragging event, the update on the browser seams to be false (the div is marked hidden or something else).

Is there are some examples how to listen to ALL drag and drop events? For example remove the dragging mask complete in the tutorial and try it again. It will not work.

Many thanks in advance,

- waffel

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I'm having trouble with drag and drop as well, in a tree. But nobody knows how to help me apparently; it's been several days. What I do know about drag and drop is that it's very fickle (personal opinion anyway). Minor changes seems to break it easily.
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