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I must initialize an architecture for a J2EE project which will start on next january.

I found some bugs and incompatibilities (with no workaround) on the integration between icefaces an seam.

Do you really think the association icefaces and jboss seam is ready for production ?

Thanks in advance for your help


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Yes, an honest answer for this would really help as I'm finally really close (two - three weeks) from integrating Seam/Facelets/MyFaces into ICEfaces/Seam/Facelets/MyFaces... I can't seem to find any documentation that lists some of the known issues with Seam/ICEfaces integration - with possible workarounds - that would really help. I know you guys are busy, but a roadmap or ETA on full Seam/ICEfaces integration would be great, too! Thanks!

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I would check out the KB article here.

Here's list of some of the outstanding issues with Seam integration:

- Dynamically-built menus generate a "form not found exception"
- All Get-Requests cause Network Connection Interrupted dialog to appear
- Get-Requests can't redirect
- Seam applications that have logout buttons whose business logic methods
invalidate the session can cause an exception later in the JSF lifecycle, which
breaks any redirection back to a 'login' page.
- tree components using a Session-scoped bean can cause a 'NoClassDefFoundError' for IceUserObject. (may be resolved by using JBoss WebAppClassLoader setting)



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And the NPE:
 13:33:02,000 ERROR [PhaseListenerManager] Exception in PhaseListener RENDER_RESPONSE(6) beforePhase.
         at org.jboss.seam.core.Conversation.flush(Conversation.java:119)

This also happens in the booking example (latest seam download).

I'm developping an application without icefaces, and parallel a mini-version with icefaces (just enough to test the important features). Only when this works reliably, I will use icefaces on the 'real' project.


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I would say it's definitely premature to think about production level integration at this point. Seam doesn't have a 1.1 GA release at this point, and we are generally going to be behind them a little bit when it comes to production level integration.

The internals of conversation propagation (for example) changed quite dramatically between 1.0.1 and 1.1, not from the application perspective, but from the perspective of trying to preserve a strict JSF lifecycle viewpoint in an AJAX based environment. That may change yet again, or some other aspect of Seam's expectations of its JSF environment may change, we don't know until these things are released.

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