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I'm using both of these features quite extensively in Seam and when I move to ICEfaces, I'd like to know how people should deal with exception handling. I primarily switched to page actions to use Seam exception handling - page actions occur before render response - and because Seam exception handling does not work if the exceptions are thrown in the render response phase, I had to use page actions.

My question is - how would this work when one uses the IntervalRenderer? The "things" I want updated every interval are invoked in the page action methods...

If this is not possible with ICEfaces/Seam, what's an alternative? I think the best thing to do is to describe my requirements. What I want to happen is that an exception that occurs (e.g. as a result of calling a Web service) during a page action or render response phase (but NOT as an exception that can be caught in an action method or action listener method) to be caught and the user redirected to another screen that displays an error message (or better yet, a popup window pops up on the same screen with an error message).

Thus, what is a good strategy to deal with such page action or render response exceptions in ICEfaces? Could one redirect a user to another page (or create a popup message) in the renderingException method (is this even possible because one would then be in the render response phase)? How does ICEfaces fit in with Seam exception handling? I apologize for my rambling and somewhat disjointed question - it's getting late for me.
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