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I have the same problem, any progress?


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The problem still exist?

Krashan Brahmanjara

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I am facing the same issue.
[1] session timeout
[2] user do a activity.
[3] error in firebug - empty respose from server
[4] UI hangs forever
[5] user hit F5
[6] redirect to login page
[7] user input credential
[8] redirect to a xml error page
 class org.icefaces.application.SessionExpiredException
 <![CDATA[ Session has expired ]]>
 <extension aceCallbackParam="validationFailed">{"validationFailed":false}</extension>

[9] user hit refresh ..user redirect to a normal application

This use to work fine in 1.8... i am now trying it with 3.3
During the debuging i figured out one major difference between 1.8 and 3.3

in 1.8 when session timeout and user do a activity the response to this request is of the form:
response.status = 200
response.reponseXML = <sessionTimeOut><sessionTimeOut/>

where as in 3.3 when session timeout and user do a activity the response is:
reponse.status = 302 with response.header.location = login page
since status is 302 browser itself make a request for login page.
To icefaces javascript code the response that it got looks like
response.reponseHTML=<HTML CODE OF LOGIN PAGE>

and in jsf.js the response handler just logs a error if reponseXML is null.

So thats why icefaces does not redirect or show popup.

The above details is just my observation and might help somebody to figure out the problem and solution.

I am using icefaces 3.3, glassfish 3.1, spring 3.0.1

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This bug still exist.

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Hi All,

We recently migrated to the ICEFaces 3.3.0_P07 version from ICEFaces 1.8 GA.

Our application is running with compatibility mode and We are using the latest configuration which you using and the same issue is persist.

ICEFaces needs to give correct solution for this without workaround.

Configuration :

error showing in browser console like below :
[icefaces] the response does not contain XML data
[icefaces] Error : [status: emptyResponse code:200]: An empty response was received from the server.

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