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Ok, I tought that it comes very close to this issue. Everything was working just fine with Icefaces 1.7.0 and <private-session-attributes>false</private-session-attributes> but after upgrading and private-session-attributes giving that User Session Expired I's looking for alternative solutions.

What's weird (and pls don't fix it just now ;) is that you can't remove LIFERAY_SHARED_xxx attributes from the session but if your param happens to be a map you can .clear() it. Half-a-solution. But obvisously there's more here.

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What about just calling setAttribute("yourattribute", null) ? I think that gives you the same effective behavior as calling getAttribute on a nonexistent attribute.


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There is still the issue with writing a session variable within Liferay...

An example would be to login to the liferay portal by setting the j_username and j_password session variables.

You can do it when you set <private-session-attributes>false</private-session-attributes> and it will properly set the liferay session attributes when IceFaces first loads, however it does come up with the user Session Expired error instantly.

Is there a way to resolve this issue within glassfish?

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I tried the portlet 2.0 way that was mentioned and it didn't work. You can't put that jar into your war file.
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