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At first I would like to congratulate you on the new release of your cool framework! If I understand right the version 1.6 only supports Liferay Portal but the JBoss Portal support is planned for the Release 1.7. Could you tell what sort of problems do you still have with JBoss Portal and when can we expect a release with the full JBoss Portal support? Thanks!


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Hi Igor,

First of all thanks for your interest in and appreciation of ICEfaces!

We don't have a specific road map planned for the portal support looking at the various portal servers, at the moment. It will depend on community demand. Currently, it seems that JBoss Portal is a good candidate, but the community also expressed interest in others, like WebLogic, Jetspeed, and such.

Additionally, the time frame for the next supported portal server depends on how smooth the process will be. I can't predict at this time if we'll have support for an additional portal server in ICEfaces 1.7 or 2.0. In the past, I briefly played a bit with JBoss Portal as we did our initial portal work, and as far as I recall I came across some version conflicts of some libraries used by both JBoss Portal and ICEfaces. Unfortunately, I haven't explored this kind of deployment further.

Our main initial goal will be the JSR-168 specification itself, and we'll try to get official support for the various portal servers along the way.


Jack van Ooststroom
Senior Developer
ICEsoft Technologies, Inc.
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