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First of all, sorry for my poor english.

I want to develop a portlet which allows us to make an intra-portlet navigation. I want my portlet to have a navigation-toolbar (previous, next, home and refresh) and the content.

My portlet have to call a service (not a webservice but still). This service return me an XML content. I transform this content with an XSL file. But the content can have sone links to other service. So, when a user click on a link, the service must be call and the result should be transformed and displayed.

But i don't know how to do to make this kind of action. I have a backing-bean which have 2 main methods : executeInitService() and executeServiceViaURL(). The first method have to read portlet preferences to build the service URL. The second method have to get the url passed in parameter. Twice call a buisiness object to call the service.

So :

ServiceBean --- executeService(URL) ---> ServiceLogic --- Http Request via an HttpClient.

My problem is how to transform the XML result to generate an html code which allows user to call services via links ?

I recieve a code like that : Code:
<a href="http://serviceurl">to the service</a> 
in the XML response. The best will be to have a transformed-result like that : Code:
<ice:commandLink action="#{serviceBean.executeServiceViaURL}" value="to the service"><f:param name="url" value="http://serviceurl" /></ice:commandLink>
but this kind of response will not be interpreted.

How can i call a method of my bean without use an icefaces component ?



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