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we want to use ICEFaces in a project, where amount of users
may rise quickly. We count with up to 800 concurrent sessions
and must be prepared for up to 10.000 in the future.
We choosed ICEFaces for its "Server-initiated Rendering Architecture",
which allows us to process user requests asynchronously.

We like to develop the application with Tomcat 6.0 as a container.
Our customer forces us to use IBM Websphere in the production.
Are there any porting issues?
Can we expect Websphere to scale for our needs?
Schould we compel our customer to use Tomcat 6.0
for its NIO connector? Should we consider using AHS?

I will appreciate any answers and information hits!
Thank You.


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Hi B.M.,

Luckily your porting difficulties should be minimized with ICEfaces. ICEfaces will use the NIO async capabilities of Tomcat 6 when running in that container. When moving to WAS you then have the option of using our Asynchronous HTTP Server, which itself uses non-blocking NIO. There will be no need for any application-level changes when moving from straight ICEfaces to ICEfaces+AHS, you'll just have to do some configuration with your web server and JMS in WAS.


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