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Does/Has anyone managed to get ICEFaces and Spring-MVC (via DispatcherSerlvet) working.

I have a working Spring-MVC application (using JSFView from webflow 2.0.1). The ICEFaces examples show various examples, but none using Spring-MVC DispatcherServlet model alongside the various other servlets normally configured for an ICEFaces application.
I am using Webflow 2.0.1-RELEASE, spring 2.5.4, Apache MyFaces 1.2.3 and Facelets 1.1.13.

My main need to ICEfaces is for the Direct to Dom Asynchronous Updates to a telco services website . I am moving away from using LightStreamer (AJAX Comet) a client-side solution and need to have async updates performed on the server side (hence use of IceFaces).
Any help welcome - or other architectural suggestions.

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Work has started on SWF 2.0 integration -- although not with the Spring Dispatcher (currently requests are still handled by the PersistentFacesServlet and the flow execution is delegated):

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