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I have an ICEfaces tree running in a portlet application. This tree is built from data retrieved through a web service. I followed the tree tutorial on the ICEfaces site to get the tree up and running but when there is new data for the tree it doesn't show untill I completely redeploy the portlet.

Any advice?

PS: I'm using Liferay 5.1.1 with ICEfaces 1.7.1

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Can you post a small test portlet for us to look at?

The Component Showcase can be built and deployed in a portlet flavour and it has a portlet that shows off the tree. Maybe that would help.

cd [icefaces.dir]/samples/component-showcase/portlets

ant -p

The default build is for liferay.tomcat6 but there are other targets there for other environments. Once you've built the war, you can deploy it and take it for a spin. Source code is also included so you can take a look at both the page and the backing beans.

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