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I think I was mislead by the mention I red in the release notes, telling that the IceFaces 2.0 components would not work in ViewScope.

I understand that I shall wait for the new components and documentation coming.
I will re-evaluate IceFaces in Q2/2011. I have enough work with JSF 2 and the other faces to convince others that they can replace JSF 1.x.

Every components involved: Glassfish v3.0.1, JSF 2.0.2, Icefaces 2.0-Alpha 3 are all in their early stages. I only have to be patient.


The 1.8.2 does not interest me at all. Even for compatibility.

Currently comparing faces against others, to demonstrate their benefits to an enterprise, people are asking me this way: "and Richfaces? and Primefaces? and .. ?".
I can't make a demonstration of IceFaces abilities by arguing it relies on JSF 1.x! I need to use only components of the 2.0.

1) I am not able to say what components are supported by 2.0 because there is no complete list published today?
Is there twenty, ten or five components really 2.0 ? Who are they? I will only use them. Even if I don't use the Menubar in my samples, eventually.

2) I can't show the PDF reference documentation equivalent to the one Primefaces already has.

3) The Javadoc of Icefaces 2.0 mainly show no packages, classes or methods comments. I can't figure how to use it.

I want to use a menu bar with IceFaces 2.0-Alpha 3.

I saw the demonstration on icefaces web site and its related source code.
To do a dynamic menu, this one ask to import a:

I do not have this class in my icefaces.jar or icepush.jar 2.0.3 files --> Then, I understand that I am in front of samples of IceFaces 1.x.

Where is the 2.0.0 equivalent demo with the source code to use with IceFaces 2.0 components?

Maybe Menu bar is not yet handled with Icefaces 2, or only in compatibility mode (then I won't be able to use it), but where will I find the PDF documentation of IceFaces 2.0? I searched for it, but wasn't able to find it.

I am not looking for the Getting Started documentation, but the full explanation of its use, component per component, for 2.0.

Rather than the samples/auction/src directory content that doesn't help me a lot, its a documentation like the one Primefaces wrote for 2.0 and have 350 pages. Where is this reference documentation for Icefaces 2?


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