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We have used selectInputDate component with date format as "dd-MM-yyyy". When the screen is displayed first time, it shows the default date value in "MM/dd/yyyy" format, and conversion error occurs when focus is lost from the data component. After the initial display / conversion problem everything works well.

The issue does not arise if we change the popupDateFormat to "MM/dd/yyyy".

The sample code is give below for reference.

<ice:selectInputDate id="selectInputDateTest"
<f:converter converterId="javax.faces.DateTime"/>
<f:convertDateTime pattern="dd-MM-yyyy"/>

Thanks & Regards,

Thanks Adnan,

Your solution has resolved the problem.

We would appreciate if you go through our another issue with IceFace 1.6.1 with the Subject "SOS: selectInputDate Issues" and suggest a solution.


Please let us know if anyone has got a solution to this problem.

Which of the following jar files are exactly required in ICEfaces-1.6.1 as we face some errors if we do not include just-ice.jar:

1. icefaces-comps.jar
2. icefaces.jar
3. just-ice.jar


Hi Adnan,

I have prepared sample JSPX file for your quick examination,
the same is attached herewith.Please let me know your feedback / solutions on the same.

Below is my comment for Mark Collette:

1. Those lines of code is at line 1871 or the Error Description is:
Event thread: submit
name: TypeError
message: Statement on line 1871: Could not convert undefined or null to object
Line 1871 of linked script
_228 = _228 ? _228 : _229.form;
Line 1510 of linked script
iceSubmit(this.element, null, _1db);
At unknown location
[statement source code not available]

2. I have confirmed, by viewing the outputted html, that the onclick attribute is rendered Properly.

3. I have confirmed that the code of sure2Delete() function is actually being included and the reference to the JavaScript is correct.

Thanks & Regards

We have written the following JavaScript function for confirmation on "onclick" event of "command button".

function sure2Delete() {
ans = confirm("Sure to Delete the Record from Database?");
return ans;

The commandButton Tag is as follows:

<ice:commandButton id="commandButtonDelete" type="submit"
action="#{backing_Bean.actionDelete}" onclick="return sure2Delete();"/>

Following JavaScript error is occured on clicking the button:

Event thread: submit
name: TypeError
message: Statement on line 1871: Could not convert undefined or null to object

Please let us know how to resolve this issue.

Thanks and Regards

We tried deleting cache, still it is giving the same problem. Following is the JavaScript error for your reference:

Event thread: click
name: ReferenceError
message: Statement on line 1: Reference to undefined variable: ice_tableRowClicked
Line 1 of script
ice_tableRowClicked("2", "formBuySell:tabSet:dataTableResultssel_rows");
At unknown location
[statement source code not available]

Please let us know the solution quickly.

Thanks & Regards
Thanks Michael,

We have downloaded IceFaces 1.6.1, and incorporated the jars in our application. Now We are facing another problem.

Following JavaScript error occurs on dataTable rowSelector actionListner:

"ice_tableRowClicked is not defined"

Please let us know since dataTable rowSelector is not working.

Thanks & Regards


We need to explicitly set focus on selectInputDate component from a backing bean. Can someone let us know how to achieve this.

this.selectInputDateMyDate.requestFocus(); // This statement does not work !!

Also, selectInputDate component allows to edit even when readonly and disabled attributes are set to “true”.

We shall appreciate if IceFaces team can guide us quickly on these SOS issues.

Thanks in advance.
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