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i add the data table row dynamically in bean.
HtmlDataTable datatable;
List list="geeting the list from DAO";

FacesContext facesContext= FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
datatable.setValueBinding("value", (ValueBinding) facesContext.getApplication().createValueBinding("{bean.list}"));
ValueBinding vb = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getApplication().createValueBinding("#{list.name}");
HtmlOutputText output = new HtmlOutputText();
output.setValueBinding("value", vb);
UIColumn column = new UIColumn();

it's working fine.
but here i want the command link to every row data.

i am replaceing HtmlOutputText with HtmlCommandLink
i didn't get the even value.value willl come in last row.
thanks in advance
I am using Facelets with ICEfaces 1.8. I have a file details.jspx that is called in two different tabs on the same page. What I want to do is add a binding attribute to the ice:dataTable in details.jspx but when I do this, one of the details.jspx has two dataTables combined in one tab whereas the other details.jspx doesn't get the result came exception as could not find UIData referenced by attribute dataScroller@for = 'data'.
i am using the ice:dataTable id to the ice:dataPaginator for attribute
but still getting the problem.
thanks in advance

I am new to icefaces,in devlopment of built -in validation how to write our own validation message.

For Ex:
<ice:inputText id="age" value="#{user.age}" partialSubmit="true">
<f:validateLongRangemaximum="120" minimum="1">

result came as j_id11:age: Validation Error: Specified attribute is not between the expected values of 1 and 120 .

But i want message as :Age between 1 to 120
hi ,
i am new to icefaces can anybody let me know the diffrence between value and binding attributes.If possible let me know with example code.
Thanks & Regards,
hi ,
I am new to icefaces .hoe to use the <ice:dataExporter> component . if possible please provide example on that.
I am new to icefaces why using<ice:column> and <ice:columns> ,
what is the diff b/w them .if possible provide an example.
I am new to Icefaces Where can i use <ice:checkBox> And why using.
how to use remderOnUserRole component in only icefaces.please give example
What is the diffrence between vible=false and rendered=false.
if know anybody help to me
in a text field enter only numbers,if enter a alphabetic not be entered enterd only numbers.how to devlop custom component for that.can anybody let me know regarding this custom component.
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